3-B-2: Learning via RSS

Upon deciding that I want to use Kidblog with my students next year, I began thinking about how I will manage 60+ student blogs. If I require students to post on their blogs for assignments, I’ll need an efficient way to check their work. Visiting 60+ different blogs daily doesn’t seem very efficient. This is where RSS feed come into play. I can use my “The Old Reader” account to subscribe to each my students’ blogs. Yes, this might be a tedious task at first, inputting all their blog addresses, but after the initial work is complete, I will be able to see all new blog activity automatically, instead of visiting their individual pages. This takes the detective work out of things – I won’t need to hunt around for what I’m looking for, instead, the new content that my students post will come to me. I love the idea of using RSS feeds to monitor what happens on my students’ blogs. Using RSS will enhance my own learning by making my ability to access to my students’ blogs frequent and manageable.


2 thoughts on “3-B-2: Learning via RSS

  1. This is a fabulous idea! As a teacher, this will save you so much time! If you have to continuously visit each blog to search for new activity, you could be wasting a lot of time looking at blogs that have not been updated, and you could miss the blogs that have been updated. RSS feeds will surely help you keep organized and on top of your blogs. Good luck with this journey!

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