3-D-2: Social Bookmarking Plan

Option B:

I plan to use my newly created Diigo account both for continuing professional development and to collaborate with my colleagues. First, I’ll use Diigo for professional development to keep track of the sites I find with inspiring new ideas and sites of Web 2.0 tools I want to use with my students. Currently, I’ve got links scattered here, there, and everywhere – some jotted down on sticky notes, some copy and pasted into a Word document, some located in the “Favorites” folder on my web browser – it will be nice to have everything organized and in one location. Having quick, efficient access to these sites will make me more likely to use them!

I would also like to use Diigo to collaborate with my colleagues. I teach Language Arts in a 5th-8th grade building. I get to work closely with my 5th grade content team, but rarely get a chance to talk to LA teachers from other grade levels. On the rare occasions that I’m able to talk with them, they also bring up some great new resource I’ve never heard of! I would love to start a group on Diigo so that all LA teachers in my building can share resources even though we don’t often get the chance to meet face to face.


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