5-A-1: Flickr Possibilities

flickr pic for blog

Although I have not used it with my students yet, Flickr seems to be a very beneficial multimedia tool. I always get concerned with the “public” aspects of Web 2.0 tools so I was happy to learn that Flickr has security features where users are able to restrict viewing access to just their friends and family. The ability to keep photos and comments private between classmates definitely convinces me that Flickr can be a safe, effective classroom tool.

As a Language Arts teacher, I could use photos from Flickr in my classroom to inspire writing. Students could select a picture and create a narrative which details events that happened before and after the picture was taken. Students could also create a story and then use photos from Flickr to illustrate the events in their story.

The annotation feature on Flickr is something that I could utilize in my classroom. Students could find a particularly “busy” picture (with lots going on it in) and then they could annotate the picture by writing descriptive sentences about what they see. I could give certain requirements such as at least one sentence must start with a prepositional phrase, use a conjunction in one sentence, etc. This would be an engaging way to reinforce grammar skills.

Photo Citation: Temari09. (2009, September 23). Learning Time. Temari09’s Photostream. Retrieved July 1, 2014, from https://www.flickr.com/photos/34053291@N05/3948369923/


2 thoughts on “5-A-1: Flickr Possibilities

  1. I, too, like the security features of Flickr! I think many parents also like the fact that there are “safe, secure” options for students to use. Love the idea of annotating the pictures!

  2. I love the idea of using Flickr as a writing tool. So often, teachers give writing prompt and some students get “stuck” in the writing process. Using the images on Flickr as a visual prompt will certainly help reach all learning styles. I think it will spark ideas in students and enhance their writing.

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