6-C-2: Skype Ideas

Connecting through Skype proved to be pretty easy! I found Skype to be very easy to navigate. Adding new contacts was a quick process and the colored icons are an efficient way to tell if someone is available. I also like the fact that Skype offers written chats as well as video chats.

Although Skype is easy to use, I don’t think it is something that is necessary to use on a personal level anymore. At one time, the ability to video chat was novel, but most people can Facetime on their Smartphones. Also, the written chat feature on Skype is essentially the same as the text messages we send from our phone daily.

However, I can see Skype being using in the classroom environment to help students connect with people and places that they would not otherwise have access to. For example, we have used Skype at my school to connect students to authors around the nation. Students have been able to video chat with the authors to see where they write and to ask questions about their personal life and writing process. This is powerful because students begin to see authors as real people because Skype has given them a personal glimpse into their lives. Using video chat technology, such as Skype, will help students gain a new awareness of people and places in their world that they might not ever have the opportunity to physically visit.


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