8-A-1: Web Applications

There are many students in my classes who desire feedback on certain assignments before turning them in…especially writing assignments! These students want to make sure they are on track with the assignment and appreciate a second opinion on their writing because finishing the assignment and turning it in. The task of looking over multiple students’ writing pieces is daunting within the confines of the short class period we are given each day; therefore, I would recommend Google Docs as a web application for students seeking feedback from others about their writing. Google Docs first acts as a word processor, allowing students to create a document, but then the document can be shared with and edited by others. This creates multiple possibilities. First, the student could share the document with me and I could view the document outside of our regular class period. I could leave comments on the document which the student could see either at home or the next time he/she opens the application. Also, the student could share the document with a trustworthy peer who could also leave comments and give feedback at any hour of the day. This web application makes collaboration possible without being in the same place at the same time since multiple users have access to the document and ways to leave feedback on it. I definitely think Google Docs would meet the needs of both the student and the teacher in a situation such as this.


2 thoughts on “8-A-1: Web Applications

  1. The ability to collaborate and receive feedback is one of the better uses of Google Docs. Finding time to get to every student within a class period, can be difficult. Students may also prefer the more private aspect of correction via Google Docs versus correcting in a classroom setting.

  2. I like your idea. This might work well with my online students. They could start a project and I could be monitoring their progress without even being there. Thanks!

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