I’ve determined that I would definitely like to use blogs with my students next school year, but in order to make that a reality, I’m going to need some guidance. Luckily, I found that guidance from the blog of another elementary school teacher. This teacher recommends Kidblog for educational blogging.

Click here to read more about Kidblog!

After reading this teacher’s post, Kidblog impressed me for the following reasons:

  • Student blogs are private – only seen by teachers and classmates, not out on the web for the world to see. (I realize that this could be a drawback to some, but because blogging will be a new learning experience for my 5th graders, I see this as a good thing for now!)
  • Teachers have control over content and can approve student comments before they are published.
  • Kidblog has an app, so students can post using various devices (iPods, Kindles, etc).

I’d love to use Kidblog in my own classroom to get students talking about books! As the teacher in the initial blog post did, I envision myself posting a question and asking students to comment on the question based on their book. This could be used as a way to increase accountability for independent reading. In my classroom, students are instructed to read at least 8 pages each day outside of school. This becomes difficult to monitor since students are basically on the “honor system.” However, I think a blog would be highly engaging and students would want to be able to contribute to it. As a result, they would have to get the reading done in order to participate. Perfect!